Day 2 – A rainy day in the Mother City saw the Heart FM team drenched in rain yet defiant against the elements to be a force for good. Day 2 saw the team in the community of Seawinds in Lavender Hill. Our Partners, Grandwest Casino and Entertainment World, Chefs that care program will be providing a much needed hot meal to the community while we sorted a few loving families out with groceries and kept the kids entertained with music.


Out in the rain, the team were welcomed by a lovely neighbour in the form of Aunty Beulah, who whipped out her urn and coffee mugs and started making warm beverages for a shivering Heart team. Upon inspection we found she uses one kettle at least 40 times a night to run a warm bath. We also discovered her stove was in no working condition. As is the spirit of 16 Days For Youth, the team from Grandwest Casino and Entertainment world as well as the Heart FM team made sure that Aunty Beulah would be having a warm bath and cooking a delicious meal that very same night. We installed a brand new geyser and stove for her immediately and we hope it brings a bit of warmth to her this winter.


Day 2 wrap up. The day was filled with emotion as the community of Seawinds welcomed us with open arms. Although these communities have their challenges, there is a strong faith that things will get better and it’s within that faith that they find their strength day-by-day to better their communities in whatever way they can.

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