Day 4 – Paternoster revisited. Say hello, once again, to Aunty Christa. Last year we found a lady named Krista Taylor, who is a safety parent, assisting children who have been taken from their homes due to abuse, or neglect. At the time she was taking care of 4-year-old Ayolise (remember, we went shopping for her in Vredenburg?) At the time Aunty Krista’s dream was to start a soup kitchen, after she saw the need in her community. She explained to us that the people of Paternoster were struggling with unemployment, and many families are reliant on an income from fishermen in their families. We assisted Aunty Krista in reaching her dream and started the very first soup kitchen in Paternoster. We revisit and this time, the 16 Days For Youth Team is going even bigger today.

Local Strandfontein resident selected for prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship!

Nigel Savel, Strandfontein resident, and founder of the 9Miles Project, is one of only 46 South Africans (out of 700 African fellows) selected to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship in the United States of America in June 2018.

The passionate community and youth activist is jetting off to America for twelve weeks to participate in the flagship programme of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). The programme will see Nigel placed at Indiana University for academic coursework, attending a Summit in Washington, and completing an additional Professional Development Experience which is only awarded to a select 100 of the 700 African fellows.

The 9Miles youth development programme celebrated its fifth birthday in May 2018 and has expanded to three coastal communities since its inception in 2013, growing from 7 to 82 children in the three locations.

Nigel is certainly living the 9Miles slogan of “Going the distance,” and his achievement serves as a very real example to the children participating in the project, proving once again that one’s attitude determines one’s altitude. Nigels hard work and dedication is fitting lived example of what 16 Days For Youth stands for. Heart breakfast decided to reward his generosity of spirit accordingly.

More from Day 4. The team were hard at work packing meals for the large number of children who would soon be congregating on the Paternoster recreational center. Food, fun and work was definitely the order of the day.


The kitchen is open! Vetkoek, beef stew, rusks and drinks were the order of the day and the team were having a great time chatting to the local residents of Paternoster. Even Aden Thomas got his hands dirty.


Day 4 wrap – We left the community humbled at the love and care that is shown in the community of Paternoster.

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