Introducing the Cast of Thousands behind the scenes


Denver Apollus


“I will put my best foot forward and commit myself to an amazing initiative for 16days. Feeds my soul and makes me realise the challenges our people face out there.”


Marlo Paulse


“I’m looking forward to being part of a team making a difference this youth month. Follow our journey.”


Grant Jansen


“It’s one of the most meaningful broadcasting initiatives I’ve ever been involved in and it gives one a sense of being grateful considering we are in “showbiz”. It’s great to connect with real people.”


Aden Thomas


“16 towns, 16 days – Off the back of last year’s amazing work I am looking forward to meeting new people along this next journey.”


Tapfuma Makina


“It was an emotional journey in 2016 and I envisage the same for this year. WOW! What an amazing initiative.”


Julian Naidoo


“I was amazed at how the smallest gesture could make such a big difference to one individual. I love being part of this initiative.”


Tracey Lange


“Telling stories of these amazing communities makes me how powerful and important radio can be.”


Clarence Ford


“I’m well entrenched into our communities and this is so close to my heart to be able to effect change.”




“Our challenges pale in comparison to what’s out there. 16daysforyouth has made me open my eyes to understand the daily challenges of our youth.”


Jo-Dee Butler


“To see our Heart teams come together to make a difference warms my heart. 16daysforyouth 2017 here we come.”


Mark Marshall


“I’m honoured to be in this team of authentic people who endeavour to make a difference in the communities.”


Lauren Paris


“I look forward to giving back to communities who are in need and helping kids experience a different side of life.”


Kaylee Kruser


“I love being part of the 16days for youth initiative because we get to be people before we are professionals. It’s truly a platform where we give a voice to the voiceless.”