Introducing the Cast of Thousands behind the scenes


Aden Thomas


“16 towns, 16 days – Off the back of last year’s amazing work I am looking forward to meeting new people along this next journey.”


Julian Naidoo


“I was amazed at how the smallest gesture could make such a big difference to one individual. I love being part of this initiative.”


Tapfuma Makina


“It was an emotional journey to date and I envisage the same for this year. WOW! What an amazing initiative.”


Denver Apollus


“I will put my best foot forward and commit myself to an amazing initiative for 16days. Feeds my soul and makes me realise the challenges our people face out there.”


Grant Jansen


“It’s one of the most meaningful broadcasting initiatives I’ve ever been involved in and it gives one a sense of being grateful considering we are in “showbiz”. It’s great to connect with real people.”


Irma G


“I’m excited to be part of this amazing journey and to contribute to this initiative”


Clarence Ford


“I’m well entrenched into our communities and this is so close to my heart to be able to effect change.”


Kelly Pearce


“I’m privileged to be apart of such a fundamental part of Heart FM, where we reach out with respectful engagement within our communities, and thrive to help and assist in any way that we can. I’m really looking forward to deepening the understanding of peoples priorities and addressing the concerns or grievances people may have.”




“Our challenges pale in comparison to what’s out there. 16daysforyouth has made me open my eyes to understand the daily challenges of our youth.”


Jeremy Harris


“I’m really looking forward to being part of 16 Days for the first time. I’m a big softie at heart (pardon the pun!) and helping those people less fortunate or just needing some help is the least we all can do.”


Duncan Patrick


“Sometimes, it’s the little things you do that can have the biggest impact. That is what 16 Days for Youth is about for me. Showing the children of the province that we’re there for them and evoking a sense of hope within communities that have none.”


Lesley Piet


“I’ve always tuned into Heart FM and heard the heartwarming stories of people doing good in their community. For me as a young person to be able to be part of an initiative like 16 Days For Youth is really something special as I get to not only do good for a couple of hours but actually connect with young people on a personal level and help tell their stories.”


Amy Samuels


“I am so excited to be involved and lend a helping hand to those in need”


Deon Bing


“So much energy, so much potential, can do attitudes that have no limits, a will to make things happen if there was only opportunity. Glad to be part of an amazing Heart initiative, reaching out to help the next generation reach their true potential.”


Kim Lee Schuller


“Hearties see the beauty in humble places where others see nothing and joining the HEART FM family has been such a huge blessing in my life and now I get to help them bless the lives of so many people in communities throughout the Western Cape in just 16 days.”


Dylan Majavie


“I’m so grateful to be working at Heart FM. It’s an opportunity to do good, to experience and be part of helping and reaching out to communities/people in need. At the same time reflecting and being humble on my journey in life.”