On day 11, the story of a Cape Town mother who gave up her life in the retail and fashion industry to provide a safe environment for children touched the hearts of hundreds of listeners across the Cape. Janine Fabe, who runs Hannah’s Place of Safety, provides emergency foster care for children who are taken from their homes due to violence and abuse. The children are sent to her from the Department Of Social Services in Mitchell’s Plain – where she has her organization. She looks after the children until they are placed with a foster family. On the day, Clicks Helping Hands donated toiletries, painted a mural, Baskin-Robbins gave out free ice cream cones to the children in the community, and many other members of the community, including churches and a group of women came out and brought supplies. A group of women took it upon themselves to have a function to raise funds for the organization, and a company called Syncron donated food, clothes and toys for the kids. A group of men also came to paint the children’s faces, and hand out cupcakes. Hannah is Janine’s adopted daughter who inspired her to start the organization – as Hannah was abandoned when she was a baby.

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