On day 12 we went to the friendly town of Saldanha, where we visited an ECD called Berséba-Hardetjies. We made a massive pot of chicken stew and fed the children. Thanks to Fibretek Manufacturing who put up new gates to secure the new building which is next to the original crèche. Sandy Goliath who is the principal of the center says she needs the space, as she hopes to one day expand the crèche, and teach grade R’s too. The people of Saldanha came out to visit the Heart FM team and told us about a Safe Park in the area called Isibindi Safe Park – it is an after school program for children in the area of Middlepos which is close to Berseba Hardetjies which is in White City. Principal Goliath says they do their best to make sure the ECD is affordable – as most of the children come from single parent households, and have parents who are reliant on social grants. The teachers at the school have also made it their mission to make sure the children are stimulated from a young age, to make sure they are ready for Grade R and Primary School.

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