Day 5 – Quiet and quaint is best description of small town of Langebaan. Day five saw the Heart FM team partnering up with the Feed the Need project in Langebaan. The project started in February 2017 with 75 children, 1 chicken and a tub of butter. Since then, the project has have moved to bigger premises, which includes a bigger kitchen, 2 large chest freezers, a storage room, a bank account and a PBO number. They have joined hands with the Langebaan Community Police Forum and Team Langebaan in April 2017 and have grown from strength to strength.

The cooking has begun. Suga and Tapfuma have been peeling vegetables since the early hours of the morning. We also had a mother and daughter duo drive all the way up from Cape Town to help out the Heart FM team today.


Lunch got underway at the Beacon church in Langebaan and the Heart team along with Aunty Magda and the Feed the Need project provided the kids with an assortment of nutritious meals. The meals ranged from a hearty beef stew to golden and soft vetkoek the kids left feeling full and satisfied.



Aunty Solene has been a member of the Langebaan community all her life. She has first hand experience of the trials and tribulations that the youth of this community face on a daily basis. Socio-Economic barriers are a major deterrent to the progression of youth in the area. This, coupled with instability in the household means the children of Langebaan face an uphill battle for survival daily.
Aunty Solene has made it her mission to ensure that this negative cycle ends with her. She has opened her humble home to the children of Langebaan to provide them with love, safety, food and a place to call home. A powerful figure she poses within Langebaan and her efforts need to be rewarded

Day 5 Wrap – Another day of the journey complete and as always, we leave Langebaan humbled by the community of spirit and generosity of it’s people.

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