Day 11 – Nestled in the mountains is the tiny and diverse community of Protea dorp in Kleinmond. The narrow streets were our destination on Day 11 of our 16 day journey and the team found themselves at the Bambanani creche. The creche was formed due to a growing need in the community for a school that caters to children between the ages of 2 and 6. The demand for a school of this nature is attributed to the fact that most parents within the community work, leaving children at home, unattended or with extended family. Students are taught within a single room, with teachers having to compete for space and voice as classes are taught in different languages to cater to individualized needs. The journey saw the team subdividing the single room into two classrooms as well as installing a geyser to provide the school with much needed hot water. Furthermore, Aunty Magda joined us again to set up a soup kitchen and provide the underprivileged community with a hot meal.

More from Kleinmond. The afternoon wore on with the teams setting into their work with relish. The room partition provided much needed relief for frustrated teachers, who will now be able to hold separate classes with their children and thus increase their efficiency in teaching. We also met a lovely woman called Claudia whose son suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Claudia was in in desperate need of a few items to ensure her son lives a comfortable life. Claudia’s son recently also came back from a series of operations to fix his dislocated hip. Throughout everything, she’s remained positive and optimistic about the future, doing everything she can to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy within the Kleinmond community Claudia’s call was answered and we provided her with a specialised massaging device, to alleviate any muscular pain her son might suffer from.



Day 11 wrapped out in Kleinmond with emotions running high. A lstener heard Claudia’s story and took it upon himself to pay for Claudia’s sons medication, by providing him with medical aid for life, 10 months worth of supplies and even sorting out his therapy going forward. Truly an amazing story and one that aligns to the true spirit of the 16 Days for Youth Campaign.

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