Day 13 – Known as the Jewel of the Overberg, Greyton and Genadendal  personify their names in every way. Picturesque and quaint the towns tranquility lends itself to the nature of it’s people. This was the site for the thirteenth day of our 16 Days for youth journey. Though these towns offer tranquility, beneath the stillness is a turbulence caused by abject poverty, substance abuse and food insecurity with 81% of the population earning less than R3,500 a month.  Furthermore, the schools within the area are vastly underfunded meaning that teachers struggle to provide their pupils with the quality education they deserve. One such school is the Voorstekraal Educare, which caters to toddlers in the area. The school has a single room to teach in, and very little in terms of supplies. Our team sought to ease this burden by building two new container classrooms and providing much needed learning materials for the kids. In addition, Aunty Magda set up her soup kitchen to ensure that no-one in the community goes to bed hungry.

Day 14 – Our team still find themselves in the Overberg. The day began in stark contrast to the previous with the elements posing the biggest challenge for the team. Gale force winds lashed at out windows and tore at our coats whilst the rain beat down a steady rhythm on our new container school. The team battled it out against the elements and slowly the building started to take shape.


Day 14 wrap – Our Overberg league of the journey is complete. We left the town, humbled at the beauty of it’s people. The container is on it’s way to being completed and once again we made sure that the entire community went to bed with full tummy’s.

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