Day 16 – Our journey comes to an end. We’re out in the Boland today impacting as many lives as we possibly can. A key moment for the team was when we arrived on a farm called, Kat se Gat. A dilapidated structure stood before us with 6 families sharing a burned out farmhouse. The poetry of the moment was maddening as amidst the ethereal beauty and peace of the Paarl Valley stood a single structure in which nothing but suffering existed. The emotions which presented themselves were conflicting and difficult to understand, but what was certain was that we needed to help this community. We clothed, provided fresh water, a medical kit and ensured that they had enough supplies to last them a while. Although, a small gesture at that moment. There is still work to be done within our communities in the Western Cape to ensure progress for all.



Our journey has taken us all over the Boland, from displaced individuals who have been temporarily relocated to a campsite called, New Orleans Park. To the locations where poverty and crime thrive. We have served and helped those along the way as best we can, by offering our services, food, nappies and basic necessities to keep them secure and hopefully grant them the gift of peace as they do not need to wonder where next their meal will come from.

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