The bustling neighbourhood of Elsies River is home to a quaint little creche called Robin Hood. The creche is one of the few in the area which services the greater need for education in the area. Although looked after on the surface. Robin Hood currently is facing a number of financial challenges to keep their doors open and as a result are struggling to maintain the day to day operations of the building. With the help of the generous community in Elsies, donations have come flooding in all forms.

The Heart FM family donated everything from non-perishable goods, to toys, fencing and a new jungle gym. The location was further safety proofed to ensure maximum security in maintaining the wellbeing of the children. By telling their story, 16 Days for youth has ensured that a much needed school continues to keep its doors open in service of the community and the maintenance of future generations.

We’d like to thank everyone who came through to show their support and donate to Robin Hood Creche.


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